A M A R A • a-MAH-ra

grace, mercy & kindness ᠁ Igbo, Nigerian
A house that holds a collection of elegance, good will and a fluidity of beautiful designs.
Contemporary, authentic, bold


M A D E   I N   G H A N A

Founded in 2018, we aim to build existing businesses by purchasing these 100% cotton wax-printed materials from the local markets in Accra, Ghana. All our items are produced in Ghana, handmade and delicately put together. 


F O R   Y O U

Looking for chic with a cultural vibe? We’ve got you.
www.houseofamara.co.uk is your online shop for contemporary clothing in killer prints and authentic style. We constantly update our designs, giving you the newest looks to keep your wardrobe stylish and popping with colour. Our products range from tops to dresses, co-ords to accessories; all to provide you with that extra originality without having to fly across the globe.